Relationships + PrEP

A research study interviewing gay and bisexual men about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and their relationships

Are you a gay or bisexual man in a relationship who is taking PrEP?

We’d like to hear from you.


Researchers from UNSW Sydney are looking for gay and bisexual men to take part in a one-on-one, conversational-style interview about their intimate relationships and experience using PrEP.

We’re looking for men who use PrEP and who have primary partners, such as a boyfriend, partner or husband, to take part in an interview about their relationships and sex lives. We’re particularly interested in what PrEP means to gay and bisexual men during a time of change as men make sense of PrEP as a relatively new HIV prevention strategy.

The study has been approved by the UNSW Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HC180844) and the ACON Ethics Committee.


The specific aims of the research are:

  • To explore what PrEP means to gay and bisexual men in relationships

  • To explore how HIV-negative gay and bisexual men discuss and incorporate PrEP into their relationships

  • To understand how PrEP affects how partners negotiate relationship agreements, sex within the relationship and casual sex, if relevant

We hope to use information we get from this research study to benefit others in the provision of health services and to improve sexual and psychological health literacy.


Who can participate?

You are eligible to take part if:

  • You identify as male*

  • You have a primary male* partner, e.g., a boyfriend, partner or husband

  • You are currently taking PrEP

  • You are aged 18 years or older

The study has reached its recruitment target. You can still leave your details on the contact page if you’d like us to get in touch if recruitment reopens.

*We welcome participation from trans men with primary cisgender male partners.

^We’ve reopened recruitment for the Sydney region.