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Before you decide to participate in this research study, we need to ensure that it is ok for you to take part. For this study, we are seeking men who have a primary male partner (e.g., a boyfriend, partner or husband) who are aged 18 years or older, and who use the HIV prevention medication known as PrEP. Do you meet these criteria? *
We are asking men to take part in face-to-face, one-on-one interview with a researcher about your relationship and your experiences using PrEP. Some of the questions are personal and explicit. Do you feel comfortable taking part in an interview that requires you to talk about personal and explicit experiences? *
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If you would like to talk with a member of the research team about participating in this research, please contact James MacGibbon, who is a PhD candidate and will be conducting the interviews.

James can be contacted at or on 0424 062 292.